Zombies Under Stress "Stalin" EP 12'' [MNQ086]

Zombies Under Stress "Stalin" EP 12'' [MNQ086]

Mannequin Records

  • €13.00

A1. Stalin
A2. Stalin (Remix – Seven Sisters Of Putin)

B1. Message
B2. Liberation

Started in 1984 as an industrial/electronic one-man project, lately expanding as a 7 persons multimedia collective, the band mainteined always during their career a pure industrial approach, through the use of analog synthesizers, microphones, effects and distorted acoustic sounds. For this single we have selected 4 killer tracks for you: ‘Liberation’ and ‘Stalin’ from their 1985 cassette ‘Fanaticism & Hysteria’, this last one also presented in a “Seven Sisters of Putin” remix form, plus on the b-side the killer slow industrial.

Mastering by Rude 66.
Graphic design by Alessandro Adriani.
Limited edition of 300 copies, black vinyl.
Released on 2016 by Mannequin.

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