Zex Model "Mind Slaughter" LP [dsr092LP]

Zex Model "Mind Slaughter" LP [dsr092LP]

Desire Records

  • €15.00

A1. Water Prison
A2. Damnation
A3. Filth
A4. Inverse
A5. Neurotoxin

B1. Kill
B2. Shining Blade
B3. Odyzzey
B4. Great Beast
B5. Lord

Zex Model is the project (started in September 2012) of Paul Von Aphid, a young Russian musician who re-imagining and re-modeling the classic sound of 80's Wax Trax and Antler’s bands, by adding a personal twist of his own experience living in urban dystopia.

After his debut EP "First Mutation" (released in May 2013 on digital only and soon to be reissued with bonus material on desire) his new release, the full-length LP "Mind Slaughter" is being released on desire in the Fall 2013. Work on "Mind Slaughter" took about 10 months in few home studios, with strong help of hallucinogen and herbal dopings, and constant re-watching of old 80's horror animes for sampling and personal hell as influence, to establish the new old sound of EBM dance paranoia.

Released on 2013 by Desire Records.

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