X-Beliebig "X-Beliebig" LP [23]

X-Beliebig "X-Beliebig" LP [23]

Synthetic Shadows

  • €16.50

A1. Morgen
A2. Stell' Die Frage Nicht
A3. Antlitz
A4. Unheimliche Begegnung

B1. Verlogen
B2. Silberneue Träume
B3. Ah!
B4. Fort

X-Beliebig - Cranky guitar sounds, archaic drums, and dark and threatening lyrics. That was X-Beliebig! Founded in the 1980’s, the post punk band trip was the Austrian version of Joy Division.

Their album ‘x-beliebig’ was a groundbreaking milestone for the Austrian New Wave scene, with lyrics still relevant in today’s society. The single ‘Leben ist Blut’ (Blood is Life) became well-known in the underground scene. It was one of their top hits. Martin Blumenau, from the Austrian radio station FM4, agrees with that stating: ‘The best unknown Austrian band from back in the day. X-Beliebig.’

Limited to 400 copies. Released on 2016 by Synthetic Shadows.

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