Wallagh "Software Crisis" LP [HiB001]

Wallagh "Software Crisis" LP [HiB001]

Hibernation Records

  • €18.50

A1. Wallah - Software Crisis)
A2. Wallagh - Film)
A3. Wallage - Naamloos)
A. Wallagh - Hardware Crisis)
A5. Lucid Dream - Tropical Holiday)
A6. Lucid Dream - Kaassausje)
A7. Lucid Dream - Chemicals)

B1. Wallage - Standaard Verkeer)
B2. Wallagh - Sequentietje)
B3. Wallagh - Film (version 1))
B4. Wallah - Watched)
B5. Wallagh - Frampton Loop)

Post-Punk/Synth originally released on cassette in early 80's. Released on Hibernation Records based in Malmö, Sweden. Edition of 300 hand-numbered copies. Really good!.

A1-A4 taken from the cassette "Wallagh" released on Stiching Update Materials (1984)
A5 taken from the cassette "Splash" released on File Bij Vianen (1981)
A6-A7 taken from the cassette-compilation "Dutch Vinegars" released on File Bij Vianen (1983)
B1-B5 previously unreleased.

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