Violet Tremors "Time Is The Traitor" LP [VT01]

Violet Tremors "Time Is The Traitor" LP [VT01]

VT Records

  • €15.00

A1. Between Us
A2. Concentrate
A3. Time Dissolver
A4. Violet Trance
A5. Control Submarine
A6. Future Love

B1. Caution
B2. Nothing
B3. Autosuggestion
B4. Spirals Inside
B5. In Mid Transmission

“Time is the Traitor is the debut LP self-release by synth duo Violet Tremors. Since the beginning of 2010, Lorene Simpson and Jessica White have been creating a highly suggestive sonic world teeming with cinematic allusions, Kafkaesque irony, and surrealist melancholy. Drawing from a tradition of dark electronic music their ominous, synthesizer based sound is slightly retro. But, where many merely copy the affections of old artists Violent Tremors make a unique, highly personal sound.”

Limited edition of 500 copies on clear purple vinyl. Released on 2011 by VT Records.

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