Video Liszt "Ektakröm Killer" LP [MR-064]

Video Liszt "Ektakröm Killer" LP [MR-064]

Medical Records LLC

  • €19.50

A1. Ektakröm Killer
A2. Photoflex
A3. Pictures Of Machine Men
A4. Shutter's Shudders

B1. Fade In Hong Kong
B2. Vanilla Quartz
B3. Destroyer Eye
B4. The Tube

Criminally rare space/cosmic/vocoder classic Video Liszt "Ektakröm Killer". Recorded at Richard Pinhas-Heldon studies and features Richard Pinhas on guitar on one track! Original repro art and insert with original innersleeve artwork. Limited edition. Sounds fantastic!

Produced for H.E.S.
Recording studio: Synthesis - Synthe Productions (Paris)
Rhythm tracks recording studio: H.E.S. (Paris)
Mixing studio: Ramses (Paris)
Mastered at CBS Studios (Paris)
Equipment used for this record: Emu Polyphonic computer / Apple Two computer / Emu Polyphonic modular synthesizer / Moog 55 modular synthesizer / Oberheim & Emu expanders / Polymoog / Mini Moog / Multi Moog / Sequential circuits Prophet 5 / Yamaha CS50 Polyphonic synthesizer / ARP sequencer & 2600 synthesizer / Syntovox & EMS vocoders / Publison digital delay harmonizer / Gibson harmonized guitars.

Released on Record Store Day (Black Friday) 2016.
Presented on high quality 180gram classic black vinyl.
Features original reproduction artwork.
Bonus insert with the original artwork from the 1981 release’s inner sleeve.

Released on 2016 by Medical Records LLC.

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