V/A "Iberian Set" Special Edition 2XLP

Domestica Records

  • €29.00

DOM03-L - Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987 (Vinyl 1)
A1. U.H.P. - Quien Lo Ve
A2. Vam Cyborg - Actos De Maldad
A3. TodoTodo - Megaciclos De Verano
A4. M.A.D. - Transmigración
A5. Fernando Gallego - Almuerzo Desnudo

B1. Kalashnikov - Ultraviolencia (versión casete)
B2. Aviador Dro - Ballet Parking Acto 1º
B3. Línea Vienesa - La Isla De Las Sirenas
B4. Autoplex - Clockwork Mirror
B5. La Caída De La Casa Usher - Insecticidios

DOM30-L - Abstracte: Barcelona Avantgarde & Industrial 1981-1986 (Vinyl 2)
A1. Pascal Comelade - Ball Del Pataco Monoton
A2. Scherzo - Kopek
A3. Metakrilato® - Focalidad (II)
A4. Terminal - Antigen Australia
A5. Anton Ignorant - Banal
A6. Ultratruita - L'esquizofrènic

B1. Idee Du Femelle - No Tape
B2. Autoplex - La Maldición Del Faraón
B3. Klamm - Eish Anta
B4. New Buildings - Lamento
B5. Víctor Nubla - Frigolín

To celebrate what will probably be the last release by Domestica before closing this 10-year cycle since its foundation, we have prepared this special edition of 75 numbered copies consisting of compilation albums Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987 LP plus Abstracte: Barcelona Avantgarde & Industrial 1981-1986 LP.

This ultra-limited edition offers you the chance to land at a reduced price a unique testimonial of the most landbreaking and underrrated independent electronic scene originated in Spain and Barcelona in the 1980s. This one of a kind set includes a selection of artists and songs recorded in Spain and so far unreleased on vinyl, offering a cross-section of a widely unknown movement, developed by several small groups of, often unconnected, artists moving on the fringes of mainstream who used to exchange demo tapes and self-distributed their material to local record stores.

· Edition of 75 copies
· Presented in a hand stamped heavy black cardboard
· Complete with illustrated dossier and English bio of all bands featured plus numbered postcard and download code.

All the elements on this release have been hand printed. Exclusively available via Domestica Records.

Release date: September 28, 2020.

“Quién Lo Ve” track originally released on "Abajo el Muro” Album Cassette (Fusión D.E. Producciones, 1987)
"Actos de Maldad" track originally released on "Actos de Maldad" EP 12" (Damitor, 1983).
"Megaciclos De Verano" is a home studio recording and first-ever release in any format. Recorded in 1981.
"Transmigración" track originally released on "Conjunto Vacío" Album Cassette (Tonspur Tapes, 1987).
"Almuerzo Desnudo" is a home studio recording and first-ever release in any format. Recorded between 1984 and 1986.
"Ultraviolencia" track originally released on "Luna y Panorama de los Insectos" Cassette Compilation (Acteón, 1986).
"Ballet Parking 1er Acto" track originally released on "Intonarumore" Album Cassette (Self-produced, 1985)
"La Isla de las Sirenas" is a studio recording and first-ever release in any format. Recorded in 1981.
"Clockwork Mirror" is a studio recording and first-ever release in any format. Recorded in 1982.
"Insecticidios" track originally released on "La Caída de la Casa Usher" Demo Cassette (Recorded in Sonoland, 1984).
“Ball Del Pataco Monoton” originally released as: “La Malédiction Du Pharaon” on ‘Logique Du Sens' Cassette Album, 1983 (Tago Mago).
“Kopek” unreleased, recorded 1982/1983. Taken from the original demo tape.
“Focalidad (v. II)” unreleased, 1985. Taken form the original master tape.
“Antigen Australia” originally released on ‘Antigen Australia’ single 7’’, 1981 (self-released).
“Banal” from ‘Rythmetic - Compilacion Internacional’ Cassette Compilation, 1986 (Fusion D.E. Producciones).
“L’esquizofrènic” unreleased, recorded live in Barcelona, 1982. Taken from the original demo tape.
“No Tape” unreleased, 1986. Taken from the original demo tape.
“La Maldición Del Faraón” unreleased, 1984. Taken from the original demo tape.
“Eish Anta” originally released on ‘Domestic Sampler Umyu’ compilation, 1982 (Umyu). Taken from the original master tape.
“Lamento” from ‘Live in Germany’ cassette album, (self-released) 1983.
“Frigolín” from ‘Dance Music’ cassette album (EGK), recorded 1983/1984.

Mastered from the original master tapes by Yves Roussel, 2011-2015.
Artwork by Tisora Studio, 2020.

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