Unhappybirthday "Sirup" LP [km012]

Unhappybirthday "Sirup" LP [km012]

LebensStrasse Records

  • €13.00

A1. Molly
A2. Pyramiden
A3. Kalt
A4. Invasion
A5. 3 Uhr 10

B1. Glimmer
B2. Lotion
B3. Anorak
B4. Neujahr
B5. Dakota

The unhappybirthday reach to us from Wismar, a small town from northern Germany. This trio has soon get used to the silent presence of the Baltic sea, just like many of us imagine (when we think of Throbbing Gristle or Smiths) the English cities eternally covered with clouds. It is therefore no wonder that they have been cited as practitioners of “raincoat pop”, which is nothing else than an extremely energetic fusion of new wave with cold wave.

The whole record is driven in an electrifying way, cadenced by synths and distortion and it hits the rocker dance floor with the same efficiency as it could lead into a non-transferable and personal relax moment.

The “Sirup” vinyl edition comes with two extra tracks and a different artwork from the quickly sold out cassette edition released by the American label Crash Symbols.

Released on 2013 by LebensStrasse Records.

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