Tranquil Eyes "Fact & Fiction" LP [OS34]

Tranquil Eyes "Fact & Fiction" LP [OS34]

Onderstroom Records

  • €16.00

A1. Vapour Trails
A2. Tell Me What It's All About
A3. Coming Down
A4. Time Dance
A5. Carry On

B1. First Time, Last Time
B2. Fact & Fiction
B3. Movin’
B4. Hilife Express
B5. Floodlight

“Fact & Fiction" The second Tranquil Eyes album delivers poignant & exciting synthwave songs. Drenched in an eternal 80s feel, well crafted & complete.

Tranquil Eyes is a Dutch minimal synth band formed in 1982. Lex Grauwen and Paul Oosterbaan had worked together for about 8 years before they formed the band. They decided to turn their back to stage performances and started experimenting with home-taping. Using an array of electronics, they recorded a great amount of songs and made a fine selection on Walks. Their first and only release.

Today, after digging into the archives, a lot of restoring, recording & re-mastering, there’s Fact & Fiction. The album is an extension to the Walks album both in genre and in spirit. Comprising a selection of lost tracks, compilation only releases, unreleased songs and even two newly recorded songs, Fact & Fiction gives a great view on the bands musical abilities & influences over the years.

For fans of League Of Nations, Oppenheimer Analysis and Ensemble Pittoresque.

Released on 2016 by OnderStroom Records.

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