The Refigerator Refrigerator "The Refigerator Refrigerator" LP [eirmi02]

The Refigerator Refrigerator "The Refigerator Refrigerator" LP [eirmi02]


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A1. At the breath's back side

A2. Juliet’s skeleton
A3. Human sacrifices

A4. The hoop

 B1. Alabama
B2. Shark

B3. With the swords hidden in the lungs
B4. Song for dogs and helicopters
B5. Follow me

The Refrigerator Refrigerator: Declaring compositions as peculiar and unprecedented urging manifests for time friction -unharmed wandering listeners. Cognitively weaving even sweet-taste paranoia next to an everlasting juvenile spontaneity which in its frenzied-course drifts sensations, thoughts, emotions, actions… The listener is introduced to this weird nonetheless, attracting musical reality of The Refrigerator Refrigerator incessantly collecting various multi-colored moments of agonizing lullaby, sudden arousal, mature over-speed and finally remission in vigilance. A group formed in the late ‘80s, he Refrigerator Refrigerator through their instinctive dynamism contributed to the north-east underground Greek scene’s (Ioannina, Greece) gradual formulation.

Their first full musical work appeared in 1990 with their self-titled album released by the private label (actually established for this purpose) named Μετά την Αιωνιότητα (i.e., After Eternity). Two years later, two additional songs appear in the “Fragmenta V” music compilation issued by the Στη Σκιά του Β-23 (i.e., In the shadow of B-23), a known underground fanzine of that era. Namely, the songs were “Με αυταπάρνηση” (i.e., With abnegation) and “Σκότωσέ με με τα κέρατά σου” (i.e., Kill me with your horns). The following year, the band’s second album “Εμπιστοσύνη” (i.e., Trust) was released, an album that included the two aforementioned songs first appearing in the Fragmenta V compilation.

Finally, the Refrigerator Refrigerator disbanded in 1994.The present edition is a re-release of the band’s first album almost two and a half decades later. A special work which actually forms a mélange of various punk, electronic and alternative musical approaches superbly-dressed with a lyrical and sound psychedelic sense. The continuously unexpected introduction to the group’s weird and strange world happens with the total of songs that adhere to a sort of commitment as the listener tries to solve a musical puzzle. Beyond the storming percussion and the emphatic guitar-swirls, the distraught synths, whose impetus fires us without any contraction throughout the album.

Pure samples of an artistic restlessness, pure imprints of an artistic avant-garde that waits for its transmission. Comes in a limited edition of 326 numbered black colored vinyl copies.

Released on 2013 by Eirkti.

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