Strasbourg "Fruit de la Passion" LP [LTM012]

Strasbourg "Fruit de la Passion" LP [LTM012]

Le Turc Mecanique

  • €14.00

A1. Vague à l'Ame
A2. Galope
A3. Jessica
A4. Elle Danse

B1. Jaguar
B2. Sangria
B3. Fruit De La Passion
B4. Franky

"Strasbourg is a French rock band, formed in Bordeaux in 2012. In its’ most well-known and sustained form, the band consists of Monsieur Crane the singer, Raph Sabbath the machinist, Tamara Goukassova the violinist and the multifunctional employee LL Cool Jo.

Originally producing explosive rock’n’roll, referred to as “maximum R&B”, a forerunner (along with Booba, Nitzer Ebb and Biohazard) of the “chanson-muscle” movement, the band has gone through many different styles, following trends and the spirit of the times: from psychedelic rock with off the wall lyrics (Kill), to hateful ska (Cécile), and even a concept single about fascism and paid leave (Gooropa 88). Now an important symbol of the Hollande era, Strasbourg have influenced rock music as a whole; we have them to thank for legendary tracks like “Les Gens”, “Les Mouettes” and “La Fine Equipe”, as well as numerous albums lauded by the public. Strasbourg is one of the most important bands from Bordeaux ever, along with Gamine, Masmask Terror, Improvisators Dub and Kiss Kiss Karate Passion.

Their two vinyl releases, Strasbourg/Total and Sexe & Violence, appearing in 2012 on Satanic Royalty and in 2014 on Le Turc Mécanique respectively, contributed in the establishment of Strasbourg as the phenomenon it is today, bolstered by a string of international hits such as “Total” (featured on the soundtrack of the film Total), “Sale Histoire”, or even the cover version of “Sexe & Violence” by Exploited, adding to the mythology of the band. 400 copies of these two records combined were unloaded across the world. The band packs out basements around the globe, and are particularly successful in Japan and Germany.

Coming off a world tour, the band will release Fruit De La Passion in June 2015, an album comprised predominantly of covers versions of French funk standards (“Elle Danse” by Patricia Chataigner, and the timeless “Jaguar” by Vince Rio Kid et les Desperados), as well as an emphatic tribute to Marina Carrère d’Encausse (“Jesus”). The production and Monsieur Crane’s voice have come out excellently. We should also note the participation of Sebastian Fournier and Sophie Legrand on “Sangria”, and the lead single “Vague à l’Ame” (a cover of Cindy J & Marie-Jo Mad'ness’ anthem), of which the video features Gérard Loussine, playing the devil.

Within the first six years of their discographic career – 2012 to 2018 – Strasbourg will produce nothing less than nine albums and close to fifteen original singles, cut short due to the demise of their Roland 303 drum machine in April 2019. Following its death, the band will produce two further albums with a Korg Mini, before finally separating in 2023. Strasbourg will subsequently reform on multiple occasion, first in the late 2020s, then again in 2034, until their Jupiter synthesiser also gives up its ghost in early 2037. One death too many, the band will collapse in on itself once and for all, Raph Sabbath and LL Cool Jo departing in order to devote themselves to umbrella manufacturing, leaving Monsieur Crane and Tamara Goussakovska to continue the group as a violin-voice combo, occasionally accompanied by acclaimed musicians such as Kool Shen, Etienne Jaumet and Wesley Snipes.

Lelo Jimmy Batista, editor in chief of Noisey France.

Released on 2015 by Le Turc Mecanique.

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