SPECIAL SALE! Spanish Set: "Tiempo 555" LP + "Fernando Gallego" LP + "Abstracte" LP Compilation

Domestica Records

  • €33.00

Special summer sale: Spanish set is now out! Get three masterpieces from the deepest Spanish electronic scene recorded in the 80s and never published before. ‘Tiempo 555’ LP + ‘Fernando Gallego’ LP + ‘Abstracte - Barcelona Avantgarde & Industrial 1981-1986’ Compilation LP at a reduced price of 33 euros. All sleeves hand printed with stamp and letterpress, all designed by Jordi Serrano, Domestica Records founder.

Offer valid until July 11 and available only through www.domesticarecords.com and Bandcamp!

DOM28-L: Tiempo 555 "Canciones Inmediatas 1981-1983" LP
A1. La Vuelta
A2. Semillas Del Sol
A3. Siempre Fuiste Así

B1. Vuelo En El Reloj
B2. A Través Del Espejo
B3. Síguelo (Versión Maqueta)
B4. Urnas De Cristal (Versión Maqueta)

Edition of 350 copies. Mastered from the original master tapes by Yves Roussel, 2016. Letterpress printed sleeve. Includes hand-numbered insert with photos, artwork and liner notes. Release date: December 14, 2016. Get more details here.

DOM30-L: V/A "Abstracte - Barcelona Avantgarde & Industrial 1981-1986" LP
A1. Pascal Comelade - Ball Del Pataco Monoton
A2. Scherzo - Kopek
A3. Metakrilato® - Focalidad (II)
A4. Terminal - Antigen Australia
A5. Anton Ignorant - Banal
A6. Ultratruita - L'esquizofrènic

B1. Idee Du Femelle - No Tape
B2. Autoplex - La Maldición Del Faraón
B3. Klamm - Eish Anta
B4. New Buildings - Lamento
B5. Víctor Nubla - Frigolín

Vinyl LP, presented in a heavy weight kraft die-cut jacket. Hand stamped sleeve and insert (30cm x 30 cm). Includes dossier with pictures and detailed information regarding all the bands featured on the album. Release date: May 16, 2017. Get more details here.

DOM21-L: Fernando Gallego "Maquinismo Operatorio 1984-1986" LP
A1. Almuerzo Desnudo
A2. Di Hola Zapato
A3. Gerardo

B1. Maquinismo Operatorio
B2. España y Cuba
B3. Santiago
Solo Porqué Yo Existo (Digital Bonus Track)

Edition of 300 copies. Comes with DIN A3-sized poster printed double sided and free download code with exclusive digital bonus track. Mastered by Yves Roussel, 2014. Release date: January 12, 2015. Get more details here.