Soundlego "Draußen" LP [hertz040]

Soundlego "Draußen" LP [hertz040]


  • €12.00

A1. Überall Schön
A2. Betrug
A3. Bedeutung
A4. Vertragen
A5. Die Grosse Ruhe

B1. Meisterstücke
B2. Das Ganze
B3. Das Urteil
B4. Keine Farben
B5. Wahrheit
B6. Die Einzige Welt

There's not much information out there about Soundlego, but their music more than speaks for itself as touches of Italo, coldwave and electro get distilled down into bright and brash constructs brimming with playful creativity. At times it gets feisty and downright bonkers (see the rollercoaster ride of Philly strings and liquid funk "Die Grosse Ruhe"), and in other places a more house influenced focus comes into play (as on the eminently bouncy "Meisterstucke"). Through the myriad styles touched upon by Soundlego, there is undoubtedly something to inspire any electronic music-attuned head on Draussen.

Released on 2014 by Hertz-Schrittmacher.

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