Solitude FX "Two Lovers" Cassette [CT-05]

Solitude FX "Two Lovers" Cassette [CT-05]

Cintas Triangulares

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A1. Love Ships Shifting Through The Night Sky
A2. Beep Beep, Osram, Beep!
A3. Ein Kleines Stück Erinnerung
A4. Lovesong II
A5. Return To Utopia Pt.2
A6. Victims Of The Beat
A7. Lovesong For Kerstin
A8. Kleines Astronautenmädchen
A9. I Want To See The Light (Live)

B1. Amore
B2. Zeitgeist Overkill
B3. Illusions
B4. Atmosphere
B5. Starfields
B6. Heartbreak Hotel
B7. Communication Error #5
B8. Hack & Slay
B9. Experiment Pt. 2

Released 20 June 2015
Compiled by Cesar Aguirre
Lyrics & Vocals by Orpheo Weidelt-Baur
Mastered by Droid 2600
Music by Marc Schaffer
Original Artwork by Steve Lippert, modified by M.S.
Original Photography by Orpheo Weidelt-Baur
Released on 2015 by Cintas Triangulares

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