Nothing. Existed. "No Future" Cassette [ICR003]

Nothing. Existed. "No Future" Cassette [ICR003]

InClub Records

  • €9.00

1. Enter
2. Detached
3. Falling
4. Disappearance
5. Inside
6. End
7. Detached (A V G V S T remix)
8. Falling (In Death It Ends remix)
9. Disappearance (Hante. remix)

We are very happy to announce the release of the debut EP of Nothing. Existed. (Colchester/UK).The EP has a cold and dark aesthetic and a contemporary sound in common with other bands on our label. The music blends dark guitars and synth creating a nihilistic environment and richly textured sound, we are pleased to release the EP.

This production included the remixes collaboration from:
Hante :

Edition of 100. Released on 2014 by Infravox Records.

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