Niton Decay ‎"Cage" LP [SEJA03]

Niton Decay ‎"Cage" LP [SEJA03]


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A1. Strange And Silent
A2. Don't Mind
A3. Deny The Decay
A4. Cage

B1. Endless
B2. Shiver
B3. Trance

" ...The first track Strange And Silent immediately grabbed me by the neck as this tiny piece of music is like a Pieter Nooten-track that could have been released on Cold Meat Industry. Don’t Mind is ambient-pop and something that could have landed on Brilliant Trees by David Sylvian as it’s pop, but it’s just more than just pop! In fact, we can use these words for all of the tracks which are presented on this vinyl album that consists of seven splendid tracks. Just listen to Deny The Decay as this doomy popsong has all the qualities from a Bowie-track (and yes, we’re referring to his Low-area). Niton Decay won’t leave you happy as this is music to put you in a very dark mood in where melancholy rules, but oh my God….what a terrific place it is! Absolutely recommended. "
Original source: Peek-A-Boo Magazine.

Limited edition of 300 copies including A4 insert with lyrics.
Released 2013 by Seja.

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