Motorama "Poverty" LP [TAL082LP]

Motorama "Poverty" LP [TAL082LP]

Talitres Records

  • €17.00

A1. Corona
A2. Dispersed Energy
A3. Red Drop
A4. Heavy Wave
A5. Impractical Advice

B1. Lottery
B2. Old
B3. Similar Way
B4. Write To Me

Prior to their second full-lenght "Calendar" (2012), Motorama was a wonderfully kept secret. From the port city of Rostov-on-Don, Southern Russia, the band was producing a Manchester-inspired cold wave, icy and hypnotic. Icy but not frozen, hypnotic but awake.

Before long, their compositions gained in clarity, lyricism and assurance: the prominent rock of the first recordings now opening its doors to a romantic and melodic pop.

Praised by critics and audience alike, establishing themselves as one of the musical sensations of the moment, the quintet visited many territories (the good old continental Europe - many times over, the vast and intimidating slavic land, the Peruvian and Mexican success stories, ....) delivering with each tour, through exciting and generous shows, those immediate and addictive pleasures.

Released on 2015 by Talitres Records.

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