Lebanon Hanover ‎"Besides The Abyss" LP [FP015-1]

Lebanon Hanover ‎"Besides The Abyss" LP [FP015-1]

Fabrika Records

  • €18.00

A1. Hollow Sky
A2. The Crater
A3. Fall Industrial Wall
A4. The Chamber
A5. The Well

B1. The Moor
B2. Broken Characters
B3. Chimerical
B4. Dark Hill
B5. Spirals

Lebanon Hanover are among the most beloved protagonists of Fabrika. This is their first studio album and the forth to be released in an extraordinarily creative period of almost three years. This album reflects a process of musical maturing and self-knowledge, though inward-looking and intimate, it has no difficulties entering deep into the emotional world of the listener. Dominated by the voice of Larissa Iceglass, which embraces us like an unknown warmth coming straight from the blackest abyss, the elegance of the guitar parts, the sad bass and synthesizer melodies, the poetic tenderness of the lyrics, this album is of a unique hopeful but gloomy romantic. Besides the abyss is gorgeous and timeless. Lebanon Hanover hold the key to our soul as we all walk a path of failures and of heights. Their way of giving new breath to old structures, of expressing a universal emotion, is almost addictive and we consider ourselves lucky not having to live long without their music. The album consists of ten new recordings. It has been written and performed by Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline in Athens, May 2013. For the first time a guest musician goes with Lebanon Hanover in the studio, playing for the Moor the most sorrow-filled saxophone youve ever heard. Chris Manolitsis is the man behind the production, mixing and mastering, giving the final touch, intensifying these tracks exactly the way he did it in the early 80s. An edition of 1000 is now underway and we expect the record to be ready in late February, 2015. Vinyl comes with a unique album cover, lyrics and a free download code.

2nd Edition. Released on 2016 by Fabrika Records.

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