L/F/D/M ‎"Tele-" EP 12''  [MRT-004]

L/F/D/M ‎"Tele-" EP 12'' [MRT-004]

Medical Records LLC

  • €14.00

A1. Dice
A2. Topaz

B1. Visual Contact
B2. Sands

British producer Richard Smith creates genre-bending techno that incorporates motifs from the past while presenting the tunes in a forward advancing trajectory. By integrating influences from 90s electronic music and classics such as DAF and Severed Heads, L/F/D/M presents 4 cuts that are sure to pique the interest of fans of modern techno who have an appreciation for IDM, classic Detroit techno and are searching for something to diversify their repertoire.

Released on 2017 by Medical Records LLC.

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