E-M01+02+03: V/A "Ex Machina 1-3" 3XLP

Ex Machina

  • €35.00

E-M01 - M. Finnkrieg "Exit/Accidental" EP (Vinyl 1)
A1. Blank Order
A2. Clean State
A3. Liberia

B1. Discover The Truth
B2. Medium
B3. Exit - Accidental

E-M02 - Cosmographia Vol.1 LP (Vinyl 2)
A1. Idee Du Femelle - Lejanas Mareas
A2. Idee Du Femelle - To Anzil
A3. Idee Du Femelle - Cántico
A4. Genetic Factor - On A Northern Shore

B1. Genetic Factor - Torture Day
B2. Collectionism - Clarinet Backwards
B3. Collectionism - Das Gift

E-M03 - L’Embrasse LP (Vinyl 3)
A1. Beatnik Love Affair - Somewhere Out There
A2. Peter Van Garderen - Plants and Animals
A3. Beatnik Love Affair - Bow Wow
A4. Peter Van Garderen - Mystery Hall

B1. Incredible Coöp - Flowers
B2. Menko - She's Called Bill
B3. Tranquil Eyes - Forever

To celebrate the third release on the Ex Machina series, we have decided to produce this special edition of only 50 units, presented in a handmade silk screen printed textile bag, which includes all the publications in the collection E·M: M. Finnkrieg "Exit/Accidental" EP, plus the compilations “Cosmographia Vol.1 (International Cassette Culture)” LP and “L’Embrasse (Amsterdam Arcane Tape Recordings)” LP, at a reduced price, complete with download code and numbered insert with biographies and extra information.

- Edition of 50 copies
- Presented in a handmade silk screen printed textile bag
- Includes a numbered insert with biographies and extra information

All the elements on this release have been hand printed. Exclusively available via Domestica Records.

Even though we cannot guarantee a specific date for shipment, we want to assure you that we will ship as soon as possible, hopefully at the beginning of May. In any case, everything will be sent when we are sure that you will receive the goods without problems.

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