E-Man "E-Man" LP [HRLP002]

E-Man "E-Man" LP [HRLP002]

Hommage Records

  • €18.00

A1. The Difference
A2. De Du Da Da Di
A3. The Upland Part I
A4. Visjoner
A5. The Upland Part II
A6. Great Nations
A7. Hosono

B1. Jeg Er Moderne
B2. The Upland Part III
B3. Nibsy The Newsboy
B4. Heaven & Hell
B5. The Mission
B6. The Upland Part IV
B7. De Du Da Da Di (Original)

All tracks recorded on a Teac 4-track cassette recorder at Elverhøy Studenthjem, Tromsø and Nord-Norsk Studenthjem, Oslo, Norway between 1983-1984. Originaly released in 1984 on Likvidér, LIKV 4025.

Limited edition 500 copies.
Released on 2009 by Hommage Records.

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