DOM18-L+DOM26-L: V/A "Domestic Landscape Vol. 1 & 2: 5th Anniversary Edition" 2XLP

Domestica Records

  • €29.00

Domestic Landscape Vol.1

Domestic Landscape Vol.2:

DOM18-L (LP 1)
A1. Hymn - Around the Bed
A2. Drem Bruinsma - Landscape Shifting Left & Right
A3. Moß Garten - Black and White
A4. Nostalgie Eternelle - Absorbed in Thought
A5. A Haunted Sawmill - Epitaph (Original Version)

B1. Son of Sam - Shameless
B2. Artificial Organs - This is the World
B3. Moral - Frosty Nights (Cassette Version)
B4. El - Og Tilslutt
B5. No Honey From These - Ten

DOM26-L (LP 2)
A1. Tranquil Eyes - In These Times (Original Mix)
A2. Sleep Chamber - Victmm (Sex Mix)
A3. S.M. Nurse - She
A4. Effetto Joule - Mechanika
A5. Citizens Of Science - She Moves Like A Machine

B1. Parade Of Sinners - What A World!
B2. Twelve 88 Cartel - Flags On A Hill
B3. Opfer Der Hingabe - Prediction (Brainwave Version)
B4. Handful of Snowdrops - The Raving

This year 2016 we are celebrating the fifth anniversary of Domestica Records. Five years have gone by since we announced our first release and a lot of things have happened all through this time... but here we are, with the same spirit as usual, the same which encouraged us to set up this project in 2011. Thank you for helping us go forward. Come what may, we absolutely don’t hesitate that Domestica Records has a longer life ahead, for many more years. In any case, this record is the perfect excuse to celebrate all the support we have had since we started up this adventure.

With this so limited edition of 100 copies, you can obtain both of the Domestic Landscape series: Domestic Landscape (Subterranean Synth-Wave Compilation) LP + Domestic Landscape Vol.2 (Underrated Synth Classics 1982-1990) LP, at low price.

- Edition of 100 copies
- Presented in a textile bag, handmade silk screen printed
- Includes a numbered insert and complete dossier with pictures, biographies and extra information

All the elements of this release has been hand printed. Exclusively available via Domestica Records.

Release date: February 1, 2016

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