DOM08-S: Pola Tog "Rayogrammes" EP Cassette

Domestica Records

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A1. Cold Text
A2. Acromatopsia

B1. Junkmail
B2. Property of Waves

Edition of 100 copies presented in hand-stamped box. Clear ferro cassettes.
50 copies with yellow hubs and yellow rollers.
50 copies with blue hubs and blue rollers.
Includes 4 postcards with pictures and lyrics, hand numbered card with credits and download code.

Written, produced and performed by Joaquín Urbina.
Mixed by Royal Dust.
Artworks by Ana Gale.
Mastered by Pedro Pina.

We're so excited to finally present you the debut album of Pola Tog, the musical moniker of Joaquín Urbina a Venezuelan audiovisual artist based in Barcelona.

Joaquín starts making electronic music in 1999. Influenced by the EBM, techno and electro-punk scene from the late 90's he uses the newly bought MPC sampler to make his first tracks.

Around 2002 he begins producing cuts, remixing and playing live gigs under the name TBN202, in 2004 edits his first Ep vinyl "Fingernails” under his own label No-Domain Recordings.

After some years away from the machines and focusing on his professional graphic-videomaking work, Joaquín retakes music production in 2012 giving shape to his new project Pola Tog, an electronic new wave sound based fully on hardware synthesizers and drum machines flavored with electro-EBM-synth-pop-post-punk and automatic dada lyrics.

Joaquin collaborates with Slovenian visual artist Ana Gale, who translates Pola Tog's post-digital miscommunication tunes into a glitchy poetic visual language turning live shows into a crispy, cinematic and dark AV performance.

Synths & Machines:

Release date: April 15, 2016

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