DOM03-L: V/A "Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987" LP

Domestica Records

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A1. U.H.P. - Quien Lo Ve
A2. Vam Cyborg - Actos De Maldad
A3. TodoTodo - Megaciclos De Verano
A4. M.A.D. - Transmigración
A5. Fernando Gallego - Almuerzo Desnudo

B1. Kalashnikov - Ultraviolencia (versión casete)
B2. Aviador Dro - Ballet Parking Acto 1º
B3. Línea Vienesa - La Isla De Las Sirenas
B4. Autoplex - Clockwork Mirror
B5. La Caída De La Casa Usher - Insecticidios

After a long process of searching, restoring and a careful remastering, we are pleased to present a very carefully selected collection of hard-to-find tracks from the vanguard Spanish techno scene from the 80s. All the material featured on the Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987, except for the group from Zaragoza Vam Cyborg, has never been officially released before: most of these tracks should be regarded as demos although some bands had the chance to record them on cassette or reel-to-reel and even in a few cases could have had a limited distribution. This has made it possible for us to recover some of these recordings which we believe should not be lost to oblivion.

We present a repertoire of some pioneer groups, which are as unknown as they are interesting, creative, and ahead of their times. After nearly thirty years’ silence they have stood the test of time and still sound as contemporary as they did then. For the first time they will be released in LP format in a limited edition of 525 copies. Hand stamped sleeve. Gatefold with heavy weight brown board (390 gram). 180 gram vinyl. Includes stamped and numbered postcard and compiled dossier with detailed information regarding all the bands featured on the Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987 album.
Limited edition of 100 copies with extra DVD.

U.H.P. - Quién Lo Ve: from "Abajo el Muro" cassette album 1987, Fusión D.E. producciones.
Vam Cyborg - Actos de Maldad: from "Actos de Maldad/Radioactividad" maxi-single 12" album 1983, Damitor. Recorded in Recording (Zaragoza) by David Jasso. Words, music and arrangement: V. Aguilera and J. Aparicio. Members: J. Aparicio, G. Nadeau, V. Aguilera and R. Lopez.
TodoTodo - Megaciclos De Verano: from demo tape 1981. Original recording by Santiago Gimenez. Post-production and digital transfer: Pablo Mateos, 2011. Voices, instruments, programming and sequences: TodoTodo (Francisco García, Carmelo Hernández and Pedro Vidal).
M.A.D. - Transmigración: from "Conjunto Vacío" cassette album 1987, Tonspur Tapes. Originally recorded on 1984.
Fernando Gallego - Almuerzo Desnudo: from demo tape, recorded between 1984 and 1986.
Kalashnikov - Ultraviolencia: from "Luna y Panorama de los Insectos" cassette album 1986, Acteón.
Aviador Dro - Ballet Parking 1er Acto: from "Intonarumore" self-produced cassette album 1985. Members: Fox Cicloide, Biovac N, Arcoirirs, Placa Tumbler, Derflex tipo iarr, Metalina, Cta 102, X.
Línea Vienesa - La Isla de las Sirenas: from demo tape 1981.
Autoplex - Clockwork Mirror: from demo tape 1982. "Clockwork Mirror" by Frans Beltran. Arrangements: Autoplex.
La Caída de la Casa Usher - Insecticidios: from "La Caída de la Casa Usher" demo tape 1984. Recorded in Sonoland. Sound engineer: A. Lomas. Produced by L.C.C.U. and José Hernán.

Release date: January 16, 2012

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