Deca ‎"Modulectron" LP [SS11]

Deca ‎"Modulectron" LP [SS11]

Synthetic Shadows

  • €14.00

A1. Alienatur
A2. Tok Vlub
A3. Cold Bondage
A4. Genico-Neuronic
A5. Modulo 1
A6. Kerrjo

B1. Modulo 2
B2. Edilicon
B3. Rawlock
B4. Modulo 3
B5. Desert
B6. Gatejox

Deca is a project of Federico De Caroli started in the early Eighties. He moved from the spacey and melodic style influenced by Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Cosmic Couriers to experimental sounds, involving elements of Industrial, Noise, "Musique Concrete" and even Dark Ambient. His extensive discography (vinyls, tapes and CDs) is the representation of his creative genius that makes Deca one of most interesting musicians in the world of Electronic music. "Modulectron" is an anthology of unreleased material recorded between 1984-1986, a small jewel of Italian Electronic music of the ‘golden age’. As he says: “The artistic soul of a musician never dies, it hardly loses its spirit, actually, it is quite the contrary, and it can only grow with time: you can find new forms of inspiration, try new musical routes, mix new and old sounds together. The tracks of ‘Modulectron’ still feature the sound of my first pioneering tape recordings of 25 years ago”.

Pressed on limited edition 400 copies with insert.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at nightmare studio between november 1984 and february 1986.

Released on 2013 by Synthetic Shadows.

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