D.Stop ‎"Nouvelles Du Front" LP [dsr123LP]

D.Stop ‎"Nouvelles Du Front" LP [dsr123LP]

Desire Records

  • €18.00

Face Gauche:
A1. Diktat
A2. Noces De Sang
A3. Mission

Face Droite:
B1. Görl
B2. Ethiopie
B3. Diktat (Dub)

Founded in september 1981 in Orléans, and originally dedicated to a kind of "modern punk rock", D.Stop released a first 7-inch the following year. After their first 7-inch, Sonny Brailleur (vocals), Phil Lethon (guitar/bass) and Klod Lelook (organ, synths, drum-machines), inspired by French band Métal Urbain, stylistically transformed into a more synth punk infused outfit and released their first mini-album 'Nouvelles Du Front' in September 1983. Issued in an edition of only 500 copies on the small indie label Romance, the album now changes hands for $150,-. One year later the band already ceased to exist. Or actually, they changed the name to Les Visiteurs du Soir, but re-adopted their old name, resulting in the release of a limited cassette in 1985. D.Stop are still considered to be one of the most interesting and underrated cult acts in French cold wave. For fans of Métal Urbain, D.A.F., The Screamers or Devo.

Released on 2014 by Desire Records.

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