Boyz In Parx "Passion" LP [LP15]

Boyz In Parx "Passion" LP [LP15]

Top Tape

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Bonus tracks of two danceable long version are included as free download codes when purchasing the LP. Anyone who has already purchased the LP can still receive the download codes. Please let us know and we will send them to you.

A1. Some Weird Thoughts
A2. Running Wild
A3. It's a Perfect Night for Love
A4. It's Never Goodbye
A5. Crippled Emotions

B1. Close, Still So Far Away
B2. Temptation
B3. The Change
B4. Break the Ice
B5. Nature's Way

Our collaboration with Dutch label Top Tape, originally founded in the mid-80s by Menko Konings and recently reborn, allowed us to reissue the mythical S.M Nurse album-cassette. Today, we announce their first vinyl release: Boyz In Parx “Passion”, a selection of lovely never-released tracks by this mysterious Amsterdam act, active from 1983 to 1993, with the line-up of Peter van Garderen, founder of the legendary Nine Circles, and Robby Horsfall (†2013), also known from No Honey From These e.g

All the tracks on the album are unreleased synth-based songs and have never been heard before. Each of them is a gem! They are all home-made demo tape recordings (sound on sound on two tape decks) made in the Eighties.

Liner notes by Peter van Garderen:
"Our intense friendship and musical collaboration lasted from approximately 1983 to somewhere in 1993. Robby also has had a musical collaboration with Menko Konings in the band 'No Honey From These' and has played in 'Plastic Cocon'. In 1980 I founded the band 'Nine Circles' with Lidia 'The Rose' which lasted up to and including 1983. In ten years time Robby and I have made about thirty songs that have never been released. On this first album I have digitized ten songs covering a wide scope of our repertoire from the original cassettes. Each recording was played live at my home studio in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam."

Edition of 500 copies including insert.
Remaster by Rude 66.
Top Tape production.

Release date: June 19, 2017.

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