Boche "Stencil" LP [WB09 LP]

Boche "Stencil" LP [WB09 LP]

Wasser Bassin

  • €16.00

A1. C-Tape A05
A2. Cues And ½s A03
A3. C-Tape B09
A4. D-Tape A06
A5. Ambient Ambiguity
A6. D-Tape A11

B1. 3 Ambient Pieces II B
B2. D-Tape A01
B3. Stolid Rounder

WASSER BASSIN proudly announces the release of BOCHE’s third album in 25 years, on solid vinyl, that unites outtakes from his beat-oriented early phase with ambient pieces, generated mainly from manipulated shortwave radio recordings. The album culminates in “Stolid Rounder”, one of his key tracks from the late 1980s: deeply pulsing audio feedbacks explore stereophonic space. The sleeve, with cover art by Marc Behrens, includes a laser cut stencil of the original BOCHE logo for your personal DIY Boche branding! Sweet!!!

Released on 2016 by Wasser Bassin.

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