About Domestica Records Δ

Domestica Records is an independent label born in 2011 in Barcelona and launched with the intention to create a personal and original identity. We go for music from the present and from the past, and our focus of attention and inspiration is basically avantgarde music and visual art from the 80s. We like to rescue demos and material from cassettes which, despite the passing of time, remain as or even more interesting to discover today. We pay special attention to the careful process of sound restoration, making sure to use the best original source available in order to obtain a high quality result, without losing any of the essence.
We offer records to people who love records. We like vinyl and the endless possibilities of its formats. The graphic side of our productions is an essential element which comes together in the final product: content and sleeve maintain a dialogue which we think must be fully harmonious.


e-mail: info@domesticarecords.com