DOM20-L: S.M. Nurse "Hometape Recordings 1981-1983" LP

Domestica Records

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A1. Hot Day In Istanbul
A2. How Does It Feel
A3. No Pop
A4. Heimwerker
A5. Some Girls Don't Mind

B1. Worst Und Bier/Dance
B2. Miti Mi
B3. Mutations/Show Time
B4. Jing Jang Jong
B5. My Greedy Policeman

Free CD-R (First 150 copies):
1. eM. - I'm Yours
2. eM. - To To New York
3. eM. - Are You Ready
4. eM. - El Seu Nas
5. eM. - Today
6. eM. - Ah Ah Babe
7. eM. - Manson's Rapp
8. eM. - No Past (Future Is Now)

Edition of 500 copies. Insert is included. First 150 copies comes with free CD-R of eM. 'Love Songs', composed and performed by eM. (Menko Konings) 2012 - 2014. Mastered by Yves Roussel, 2014.

We must admit that, when we first contacted Menko Konings (in active as eM. and co-founder of S.M. Nurse), we didn’t imagine that our first collaboration would have such a good result. In just a few weeks, we sold out all the units and, not much later, the price of the record shot up. Doubtlessly, it’s a good signal. We always knew that their music wouldn’t leave our audience indifferent, but it’s so difficult to guess how far a group can reach, 30 years after their splitting up, taking into account that about 2 years ago very few people knew them. This is precisely the kind of projects which fulfill us; we are looking forward to them! And this is one of the reasons why Domestica Records was born 4 years ago.

We are very happy to introduce our second collaboration with S.M. Nurse; Hometape Recordings 1981-1983, a compilation of the best songs recorded in the studio between 1981 and 1983, and never before edited in vinyl format. I deeply want to thank Menko Konings for his trust, kindness, patience, faith and friendship…we don’t meet people like him every day.

A short biography by S.M. Nurse:
Around 1980 Menko Konings (eM.) started the Dutch underground formation S.M. Nurse, first together with Jos Jak and later also with Anneke Stempher. S.M. Nurse experimented with collage-like music and were inspired by N.Y.-ultra, disco e.g. The band mainly performed in the Amsterdam ultra-circuit (Oktopus, Paradiso), clubs and discotheques. They were played regularly on the famous radio programmes RadioNome and Spleen and performed live on radio in the villa of the VPRO in Hilversum. They also contributed to the theme cassette Turkish Delight of the label Ding Dong and there was a cassette release on the label Top Tape. At the end of 1983, S.M. Nurse split up.

The songs of S.M. Nurse are composed and performed by Anneke Stempher, Jos Jak and Menko Konings.

Guest synth-players:
Robby Horsfall on 'Jing Jang Jong'.
Rob Sensomania on 'Some Girls Don't Mind'.

Release date: January 12, 2015

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