DOM08-M: 5X0D "5X0D" 10''

Domestica Records

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A1. Negativ Terminal Data
A2. Song For Louise

B. Life's A Killer (Part 1 And 2)

Edition of 350 numbered copies. Presented in a hand printed silkscreen sleeve. Mastered by Yves Roussel 2015.

A brief history by Rob Lawrence:
5X0D has always been Mark Phillips and Rob Lawrence since it began in 1981 in Bristol UK. Early influences were many going back to pop, prog and krautrock bands of the early 70s, through punk and new wave to industrial, then later Japanese technopop like YMO. We made our tapes one by one directly copying from the master reel to reel tape and we distributed them through the cassette scene postal network of the early 80s. We definitely were only interested in sounding original though we had influences like Art of Noise, YMO, Der Plan and Yello. We weren't very interested in UK synth pop - maybe only Caberet Voltaire early on. We did much solo recording during the 80s, most of which is on the Soundcloud site. We do still like to make music, but just for fun. We've always been attracted to electronic and modified sounds, but have tried to write interesting songs to use the sounds in. We have lived through an era of technological advancement, and we felt positive about that whilst recognising the dehumanising potential of all machines.

Love can drive you crazy. Here's the proof.
Location: Cardiff UK
Date: February 1984
Previously released on YUM YUM MUSIC
A Dust Music Product C60 cassette release

We met a nurse. She inspired this melodic piece.
Location: Bristol UK
Date: October 1982
Previously released on I CAN'T HEAR YOU ANYMORE
A Quick Stab Music Product C30 cassette release

Dance in the knowledge that you are going to live.
Location: Cardiff UK
Date: May 1983
Previously unreleased.

Casio VL-1 VL-Tone
Casio MT-65 keyboard
EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer
Korg MS-20 synthesizer
Roland SH-1000 synthesizer
Roland TB-303 Bassline sequencer
Roland TR-606 Drumatix drum machine
Concertmate drum machine
Waddingtons Compute-a-tune
Toy piano
Phaser pedal
Bass Guitar

Release date: September 7, 2015

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