unhappybirthday ‎"Schauer" LP [KFB6022]

unhappybirthday ‎"Schauer" LP [KFB6022]

Kingfisher Bluez

  • €16.00

A1. Blue Tornado
A2. Taipeh
A3. Artie
A4. Schauer
A5. Narko

B1. Sora
B2. Elephant
B3. Keanu
B4. Juma
B5. Jets

Originally released as cassette on Night-People Records in December 2015. Limited to /500 copies.

"...gusting a whirlwind of emotion your way, so the only thing better than going with the whip-flow is feeling its emotion."
- Tiny Mix Tapes

"...a snow globe’s blizzard of elements that are heard like gilded emotionally imbued confetti and chrome-cast glitter."
- Impose Magazine

"...a curiously nostalgic and comforting feel, almost as if life didn't really suck after all."
- No Fear Of Pop

"Remember when you loved Blank Dogs? This is just as cool, if not cooler."
- Austin Town Hall

"...one hell of a smooth listen."
- Exclaim!

Released on 2016 by Kingfisher Bluez.

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