Pre-orders open: Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987 Second Pressing

Posted by Jordi Serrano on

We are really excited to announce that the second edition of Non Plus Ultra 1908-1987 is now available on pre-order. This is the first retrospective published in the XXIst century devoted to the electronic and underground “tecno” (like the flip side to the mainstream Movida/Nueva Ola) from 80s Spain. The record is a showcase of our identity and approach, as refers both music and aesthetics and was in its time a milestone for Domestica when it was first released in January 2012.

Non Plus Ultra is a hand-picked collection of hard-to-find recordings from the 80s pioneer Spanish “tecno” scene. Most of the tracks featured on the album should be regarded as demos, even some bands had the chance to record on cassette or reel-to-reel but they had a very limited distribution. We present a repertoire of pioneering groups, which are as unknown as they are interesting, creative, and ahead of their times.

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