New Domestica Showcase

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As some of you may know, this year has been sort of strange. We’ve been (and still are) working on side projects that we hope to share with you very soon and, in the meantime, we have not announced any new ones. But today we have some very good news: first of all, a Domestica showcase has been published on LYL radio. In order to finish this transitional year and to celebrate all the great things still to come, we did this mixtape with some tracks released over the last 8 years. Most of these songs were never published at that time so they were demos that we restored as carefully as possible, and the rest of the tracks were released only on tape and with very limited distribution. That's basically what we love to do and that's our identity, so here you will find a piece of our essence. But this mixtape is not only a brief look back at the work we have done, you will also find two unreleased tracks that we are planning to publish next year. And yeah, that’s more good news: we are very happy to announce that, after a period of one-year without releasing anything, we are currently working to publish a new album-compilation very soon. More details will be coming shortly!

Click here to listen to the showcase.

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