E-M01: M. Finnkrieg "Exit/Accidental (Abstract)" EP, out March 15th

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Almost on a high, we feel delighted to share this DomNews when our imprint Ex Machina is just born with its first title opening a new releasing cycle: “Exit/Accidental (Abstract)” is a carefully chosen selection from the first cassette-only album “Exit/Accidental” (1988) by prolific Berlin-based producer and music publisher Mickeyblitz Finnkrieg.

M. Finnkrieg worked in parallel lines to any known music circuit. This might be the main reason why his music has remained highly confidential so far. Heavily indebted to bands like Severed Heads and British Industrials in the vein of Cabaret Voltaire, early Test Dept. or Sonic Youth, the tracks selected on this album present the outcome of many a late practice evening and live sessions well into the small hours, experimenting in a completely self-made music lab with tape loops, resistors, capacitors, transistors, 8-bit samplers, guitars and a nice array of synths, drum machines and loads of effect gadgets producing a distinctive sound, not far from proto-techno/electro and industrial-disco with touches of ebm and out-there funk. An all-analogic production and loaded with pre-recorded reel-to-reel samples, this recording, salvaged after 30 years, is a perfect illustration of the DIY philosophy and independent spirits of the time, cutting through time barriers with a sound as valid today as when it was first made.  

When music production became increasingly computerised a little later, I did not like it anymore. (Mickeyblitz Finnkrieg, 2018).

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