Fata Morgana #5 on Radio LYL

Posted by Jordi Serrano on

With some delay, you can now listen session 5 of Fata Morgana; this time we've been exploring the underground Japanese no-wave and synth scene. Enjoy!

LYL Website: http://lyl.live/show/fata-morgana/
Next programme (session 6) will be broadcast on February 6.

Dark Mine Fields - Silent Way
Diastereomer - Mothersun
Excentrique Noiz - Dark Crystal Day
Jeanne Marie - Nemurouyo
Earthling - Tokyo Shine
BGM - Mix
R.N.A. Organism - Yes Every Africa Must Be Free Eternally
Morio Agata - Submarine
Tolerance - 1 F Yuragi
Sympathy Nervous - Music Of The S.N. Phase-1

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