Fata Morgana #10 on Radio LYL

Posted by Jordi Serrano on

Chapter 10 of Fata Morgana already available on streaming, with a special feature devoted to the Belgian scene followed by an introduction to the upcoming Domestica release Ex Machina 02, scheduled for late June. You'll be treated to 3 exclusive tracks by Idee Du Femelle and Genetic factor. Enjoy!

LYL Website: http://lyl.live/episode/fata-morgana-9/
Next programme (session 11) will be broadcast on June 26.

Polar Praxis - Music For Fireworks (Part one)
The N.U.E. - Broken Window
Dole - Trances
701 Triangles - Esther
After The Tides - Witches & Fools
Unknown European Group - Untitled
Idee Du Femelle - Lejanas Mareas (Ex Machina 02)
Genetic Factor - On A Northern Shore (Ex Machina 02)
Idee Du Femelle - To Anzil (Ex Machina 02)

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