Domestica Gift Cards are now available!

Posted by Jordi Serrano on

Dear followers of Domestica, we hope you are all well in these complicated times. Just before the Spanish government adopted a total lock-down of the country, we had planned to announce a new publication in the Ex Machina series, but we had to adapt to the new circumstances and we finally decided to postpone it. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that now is the moment, more than ever, to support small-scale initiatives that promote culture, especially those that are in a risky position due to the current events. That’s why we are contacting you, not only to inform you that in the next few days we will share all of the updates we have been working on, but also to ask you to continue supporting the independent music scene.

And today we would like to announce that you can now purchase a gift card through our website. You can use it at any moment (it doesn’t expire) until your credit is finished. This way you won’t be in a rush to decide which records you want. Or if you like to give someone a special present, it’s very easy! Click here and get more details.

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