Farewell and final offer

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Dear Domestica followers,

It’s been ten years since, with friend Carles Paneque, we announced our first release. The driving forces behind this adventure were, essentially, passion, love for music, the will to do things in a different way and the commitment to share something fresh which we had not seen so far. Time has gone by very fast and, when looking back, I feel grateful: towards the artists and musicians who have trusted the label, towards all the friends and unforgettable individuals I have met on this trip, and towards all the people who have supported us at any given moment, and I feel complete happiness about all the experiences I went through, all the good work done and about all I have learnt since, at 26 and with no background in vinyl releasing, this project was set up.

Now, I rest assured our message has spread and our reason for creating Domestica has materialized far beyond what we had imagined around 2010. The time has come to halt and devote all energies to present and future to chase new horizons and start new projects. Some of you may be aware that, of late, I have been juggling with the workloads of the label and the graphic design studio I founded in 2019: www.tisorastudio.com

Even as I do not intend to shut out the chances to go back into releasing in the future, I’ll be from now on focused on my graphic designer career, my other driving passion along with music.

To mark the closing of this cycle and take an appropriate farewell, from today until November 20 we offer you all the titles in our catalogue at a 45% discount price; offer applicable to all items but the latest releases, for orders over 20€ via our website.

So, if you feel our work has been meaningful in any way and want to show your support for us one last time this a unique opportunity.

Thanks, with all my heart.
Jordi Serrano

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